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How To Order


For shopping online, you can order by following the procedure below:


1. Find and add each product to shopping cart. Add to Cart


2. After you click "Add to Cart" button, you will see the Add To Cart notification pop-up window for each product item you have recently added to cart. On the bottom of the pop-up window, you will see 2 buttons; Continue Shopping on the left side and Checkout on the right side.


3. If you click 'Checkout' button, you will see login page. To verify the user ID and password for a member, or register new account or checkout as a guest (skip registration and continue to checkout)


4. After that, you will see your shipping address. You can verify and edit it and click 'Next'.


5. After that, you will select your shipping type for this order and click 'Next'.


6. After that, you will select your payment type for this order and click 'Next'.


7. For the final step, you need to verify your order information; shipping address, shipping type and payment type.

If it is correct, you can click Place Order to order your request.


8. After finishing the 6th step, you will get you order. You can print this order Print Order or view you order detail View Order

Please note that you will get order confirmation email from our shop after you complete purchasing order.